Policies & Procedures


For "Meet & Greet" Resorts; you will be required to meet the delivery driver in front of the hotel/resort at your scheduled delivery time.

For Non-Meet & Greet Resorts; when you arrive at the resort, please locate the bellman, and give them the first and last name on the reservation. They will either bring the unit around for you or hand you a key and point you in the direction of your rental. We guarantee an 8AM delivery time to the bellman for all rentals booked with-in 24 hours.

Warehouse pick-ups can be done ONLY between the hours of 8AM-5PM. PLEASE NOTE: Loading and unloading of rental equipment into your vehicle is the responsibility of the renter. We will have a TEAM member walk you thru the disassembly and re-assembly process, however, they are not able to assist with loading into the vehicle.


If you need to shorten or extend your rental, you MUST call it into our reservation line (866) 484-4797. Emails or social media messages WILL NOT guarantee the information was received and a request was properly handled.


You will find a battery charger in the pouch on the back of the unit's seat. It is required that all equipment is kept in your hotel room, especially electronic units, to charge overnight. DO NOT leave equipment in the hallway of your hotel, at the bellman, or the front desk. They are not responsible for charging the rental equipment or for maintaining its safety. The guest is ALWAYS responsible for maintaining the charge, as well as the safe keeping of the rental equipment.


STANDARD SCOOTERS: Average of 6 hours of battery life can be expected, as long as the rider does not exceed the weight capacity of 375lbs.

PORTABLE SCOOTERS: Average of 6 hours of battery life can be expected, as long as the rider does not exceed the weight capacity of 300lbs.

MAXIMA SCOOTERS: Average of 6 hours of battery life can be expected, as long as the rider does not exceed the weight capacity of 500lbs.

PLEASE NOTE:  Hills, inclines, and ramps in the theme parks, as well weight of the rider and additional accessories can put added stress on the battery. We STRONLY ADVISE charging the unit throughout the day, when the unit is not in use; In a restaurant, on a ride, or in a show. Charging the equipment for at least 20-30 minutes (for a few times throughout the day) will help sustain the batteries for extended visits in the parks.

Replacements made due to guest not charging equipment, results in a $40 replacement fee.


Should you experience any issues, during your rental, please contact us at any one of the numbers tagged on the rental equipment. Should you experience any mechanical issues with your rental, our team will (FIRST) attempt to trouble-shoot the issue over the phone. However, if that does not rectify the problem, we will send a driver to you, wherever you may be in the parks (or resort), with a replacement unit. Unfortunately, we do not have the same permission for ALL area theme parks, like we do for Walt Disney World. If you experience issues OFF Disney property (EX: Universal Orlando, SeaWorld, Aquatica etc.) we will be unable to access the park. Should this be the case, the unit will need to be brought to the front gate of the park. If necessary, please locate a park attendant for assistance moving the equipment.

We DO NOT service attractions outside a 10-mile radius from the Lake Buena Vista area.


The Damage Waiver (DW) is a one-time optional fee of $20 that covers any damage to the unit while in your possession, whether it is damage by the rider or someone else in the parks. It DOES NOT cover lost keys or theft. If the Damage Waiver is declined, you will be responsible for damages to the equipment during your rental. The Damage Waiver MUST be added per unit. Multiple units are not covered with one DW.

LOST KEY REPLACEMENTS: $25 Non-Refundable.



It is important to note that the equipment is comprised of electrical components and MUST NOT get wet. We strongly advise staying out of the rain as much as possible. IF the unit does get wet, there is a chance it may seize up and NOT run properly. Should this occur and a unit does seize up, the components will need time to dry out before it will properly operate. The time to dry out will vary, based on the dampness of the components. If you begin to hear a beeping noise coming from equipment, that was exposed to rain (and it is still operating), this is a warning notification that the components were in fact exposed to moisture or rain, and any further dampness could result in an inoperable piece of equipment. You can cover the control panel (on the steering column) and the charging port as a preventative measure. You may use a poncho or thick plastic bag, to cover the critical parts of the unit. PLEASE NOTE: This may assist from water contact but WILL NOT PREVENT IT.


Our phones lines are active, 7 days a week, until 9PM. After-hours you will be directed to our voicemail. Please leave a detailed message; include you're the first and last name on the reservation, your rental unit number, the issue you are experiencing, the location of the equipment, and a good contact number. We will have TEAM member contact you the following morning by 8am. If you encounter equipment issues while at the park, it is best to return to your resort. Each piece of equipment has its own neutral setting, which will release the break, allowing the unit to be moved without friction. Remember to turn the unit off and remove the key to begin the neutral process. STANDARD / PORTABLE SCOOTERS: Yellow lever on back of unit, above the rear right wheel. MAXIMA SCOOTERS:Black knob on the back of the unit. If you are unable to return the unit back to your resort, please try to get the unit (with the assistance of a park attendant, if needed) at the mobility rental location of the theme park. If it is not moving at all, and there is no one around to assist, remove the key, and all your personal belongings and leave the unit it its location. Leave a thorough message that includes the location of the equipment.



When booking over the phone, we require your credit card information in order to hold the reservation and guarantee availability. We do not charge the card until 7 days prior to the start of the rental Ex; a rental beginning January 8thwill be charged, in full, on January 1st. If your reservation is booked on the same day or with-in 7 days of the start date, it will be charged for the full amount upon booking. ONLINE RESERVATIONS are charged IMMEDIATELY upon booking.

International renters will be charged same day as booking.


Any reservation cancelled 48 hours, OR MORE, prior to the start date will receive full refund. ANY CANCELLATION MADE WITH-IN THIS 48 HOUR PERIOD (based on an 8 o'clock start time) WILL BE CHARGED OUR ONE DAY RENTAL RATE, and the difference will be refunded back to your card.

Example: Rental begins January 8th; you MUST cancel no later than 8AM on January 6thin order to receive a full refund.

UNDER 48-hour CANCELATIONS ARE CHARGED: (tax is added on top of this)









For Meet & Greet Resorts: Any equipment NOT returned to the delivery driver, at the specified time, will be charged one additional rental day. Changes to pick-up times may result in a $25 fee, if done with-in 24 hours of the scheduled pick-up time. All Meet & Greet returns MUST BE DONE IN-PERSON. Failure to meet our driver IN-PERSON may result in a $75 fee.

For Non- Meet & Greet Resorts: All equipment MUST be returned to the bellman of your resort, NO LATER than 9:30AM the morning after the rental is complete. Changes of Delivery Location on the day of the Delivery will result in a $25 fee. Changes to Pick-up Location on the day of Pick-up will result in a $25 fee.

Warehouse Returns: Can be done between the hours of 8AM-11AM the morning after the rental is complete. REMEMBER, unloading equipment will be the responsibility of the renter. If you choose to change from a warehouse return to a Hotel / Resort pick-up (NO vacation homes), a $25 pick-up fee will be applied, due to the rental initially being discounted for Warehouse pick-up / Return.

Thank you for choosing Buena Vista Rentals and we look forward to assisting you during your visit.